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£1.00 for Singles & £6.00 for a Six Pack including VAT

Ultra lightweight tent pegs.  Made from aluminium, with all the weight advantage but none of the material’s disadvantages.  Regular aluminium tent pegs are very light weight, but prone to bend out of shape very easily.  Their round cross-section means they tend to pull out of the ground easily.

Our pegs maintain the lightness of the aluminium weighing in at only 13g.  But, due to their y-shaped cross-section they will not bend out of shape.  The additional surface area they have gives greater friction in the ground, making them significantly less likely to pull out.  Each peg is 18cm long.

The paracord loop makes them easy to remove from the ground when you are ready to pack up, and ensures you can see them in the ground to collect them all before you leave.


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  • 180mm Long

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