RADAR Holster Wraps


£15 incl VAT

Ever feel like your gear’s playing a game of “Spot the Odd One Out”? You meticulously craft the perfect camouflage, only for that one shiny, reflective piece to ruin the whole stealthy vibe. It’s like trying to hide a disco ball in a library – just doesn’t work!

But fear not, fellow stealth enthusiasts, because we’ve cracked the code!

Introducing our laser-cut, adhesive sticker kits – your secret weapon against gear that screams, “Look at me!” Say goodbye to that glaring solid color on your RADAR Holster; our stickers are here to save the day!

Oh, and a little heads up – these babies are for the right-handed crowd only. Sorry, lefties!

So why wait? Grab your sticker kit today and let’s turn that gear from disco ball to ninja stealth mode in no time!


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