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Every so often you come across a bit of kit that is just well thought out and really fits a niche.  The OmniTorch is one of those.

We loved ours so much, we decided to stock it!

The multiple attachment methods make it easy to use in all sorts of places.  You can hang it from a tent pole or branch, hang it from the ridge-line of your hammock or loop in the top of your tent, attach it to the loop panel on top of your helmet or Operator cap to make a headlight, or use the magnet to attach to your wheel arch while you’re changing a tire.

We’ve got one attached to our hammock ridge line and another on the hanging loop in a tent.  Both roll up inside without any issues and are available straight away without any fuss or digging around in your pack.

The cube shape also means that if you put it down on a flat surface it won’t roll away like a torch does.

It is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries, the same as in a SUUNTO Core watch.

Its compact size means you can sling it in your webbing or EDC and have it handy whenever you need it.

The OmniTorch is a great little bit of kit that you will get loads of use from without breaking the bank or taking up loads of space.

Even better, they come in a pack of two!

Made in the UK.

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