Bank Line


200ft is £20.00, 500ft is £40.00, Per Metre is £1.00 Including VAT

We have spent a great deal of time and effort sourcing this cordage for our own brand!

Why use Bank Line over paracord?

  • Bank Line is designed to take a knot.  Paracord will come undone because it is made not to knot, as its primary use is suspension from parachutes.
  • Bank Line is highly resistant to UV damage.  Over time paracord will become sun bleached and fragile, Bank Line will not.
  • Bank Line is highly abrasion resistant. Over time paracord will wear through, especially if exposed to moisture and UV.  Bank Line will not due to its braided construction.
  • Bank Line is highly water resistant, and therefore mildew resistant.  Due to the tarred coating, water cannot penetrate the fibres of the Bank Line.  Paracord will retain water and over time, especially in a wet & warm environment like a jungle, it will develop mildew which will compromise its strength.
  • Bank Line is roughly twice as strong as paracord.  When you compare the tensile strength of Bank Line and paracord of the same thickness, Bank Line has a significant advantage.

Our Bank Line is superior to others on the market for a few reasons.

Firstly due to its braided construction.  Many other Bank Lines are a twisted construction.  This means that the cut ends will unravel.  Braided Bank Line maintains its integrity.

Our Bank Line has a superior application of tar.  Other products are woven then coated.  This leads to an uneven coating and means that only the outer face is protected.  Our Bank Line is made from strands which are individually coated before they are woven.  This gives full penetration and coverage.

The TRC Product is soft to handle. Our competitors are very “stiff” to handle.  This makes it hard to use, rough on the hands, and leads to uneven knotting.  Ours handles just like string.

Finally, We give you more!  The Roll sizes we offer are longer than any of our competitors.  Basically you get more for your money.

Sold in 200ft & 500ft rolls, and by the metre.  Purchases by the metre will be dispatched as one continuous length.


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