Adhesive Fabric Sheets


Single £8.00 incl VAT, 4 Pack £29.00 incl VAT

Ah, the eternal struggle of tactical gear – you meticulously camouflage everything, only to be thwarted by that one shiny, solid-colored eyesore glaring back at you. Talk about a buzzkill!

But fear not, dear friend, for we’ve cracked the code!

Introducing our Adhesive Fabric Sheets – your secret weapon against the tyranny of mismatched gear. Say goodbye to that pesky reflective finish ruining your stealthy vibes!

Planning a change of scenery? No problemo! We’ve got your back there too, with a dazzling array of options including Multicamo, Antarctic, Desert, Jungle, and Rhodesian colorways. Because blending in is the name of the game, folks!

And check this out – our sheets come in sleek A4 size, available as singles or in a nifty 4 Pack featuring all four Multi-Terrain colorways. Talk about convenience served with a side of style!

So there you have it, folks – camouflage conundrums, meet your match. Grab your Adhesive Fabric Sheets today and let’s blend in like never before!

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Multicamo, Jungle, Desert, Antarctic, Rhodesian, 4 Pack