Consultancy Services

Do you have a product you want to bring to market, but just don’t know where to start?

Does the idea of trying to find a UK or offshore manufacturer fill you with dread?

We know exactly how you feel!

When we started our journey creating TRC Outdoors, we had to find designers, manufacturers, and suppliers.  We know what a pain it can be, especially if you are running your business alongside a full-time job as you build it up.

Well how about letting us do it for you?

Over time we’ve built up a stable of professionals we have used to bring our products to market.  You can access that too!

Here’s how it works.  You come to us with your idea.  We talk it over and then we put together a Technical Pack that captures all of the pertinent information for that product. We then go to work and conduct a feasibility study into whether the product can be bought to market and what it would cost.

Baseball Cap Produced for The Development Society

If it turns out it can’t be done, or it’s more than you can afford right now, that’s where it gets parked.

If it looks like a go, then we get to work bringing your product to market.

We have worked on products such as baseball caps, coffee mugs, gym shorts, resistance bands and more. Frankly, it’s a lot of fun! We really enjoy getting to know your brand and what your aspirations are.

We charge an affordable Consultancy fee, in two parts. First half to carry out the viability study, second part to get the product to market.

We will sign over all IP on design that is generated, as well as provide any technical documents created for the project.

Drop us a line for a FREE consultation at

See what our previous customers have had to say about us…

“We commissioned Ben and TRC Outdoors to tackle a product that we had previously tried to manufacture with another supplier but it was butchered by poor execution, design flaws and manufacturing errors. Ben fixed all of those problems and went above and beyond to add extra touches to the product that I hadn’t even though about. He increased the quality of the product no end and took all of the hassle away from us. We’re continuing to work with TRC for the foreseeable future, with much more work already in the pipeline. Every stage of the process is a pleasure, I highly recommend TRC for their manufacturing consulting among many other things.

Alex Miller – The Development Society