About Us

TRC Outdoors is a Veteran owned, vibrant, outdoor clothing, equipment and lifestyle brand. We live the lifestyle we are promoting. You can’t miss the outdoors. It’s on your doorstep, literally!

The outdoors is the greatest leveller there is. When you are outside everyone is equal in front of nature.

At TRC Outdoors, we spend as much time as we can outdoors. And we have used a great deal of different clothing over the years. Nothing has been quite what we are looking for. So, we decided to make our own!

We started with our flagship Cierzo Shirt. Simple and practical. It’s a garment designed to do a job. Nothing more nothing less. It is this ethos we have carried to all our garments.

Design Inspiration

Our designs are based on meeting a need rather than showcasing materials or trying to look overly stylish at the expense of utility. Over the years we have owned literally hundreds of outdoor garments. It’s been like the proverbial search for the perfect little black dress.

We found that each garment had benefits and features we liked, but did not hit the nail on the head overall.

Ben also spent 15 years serving as an Army Officer where he was exposed to all sorts of environments and elements. The military has always pushed innovation in terms of design and materials and that has also inspired our designs.
We have taken all of this experience and pushed it into our own designs.


Who Are We?

We are a Veteran owned business managed by Ben O’Toole.

Ben O’Toole

Ben grew up right next to Epping Forest in Essex. At every opportunity he could, he would spend time in the woods.

Ben has been a lifelong Scout. Starting in the Cubs, Ben worked all the way through earning his Queen’s Scout Award along the way.

My Scout Leader was an inspiration to me. It was through all the time and effort he put in that I was able to achieve so much. We had two major camps a year, Summer and Easter. Summer Camp was the whole Scout Group camping in a Greenfield site, cooking over open fires, making shelters to sleep in, the whole shebang. We always went on hikes of several days duration and took part in heaps of other adventurous activities like kayaking and rock climbing. Easter Camp was spent in the Northwest Highlands, often in the snow. We hiked, camped and climbed mountains. He was also fond of dumping us in the middle of nowhere at night, giving us a map, telling us where we were, giving us a place to get to and saying “See you at breakfast” before he vanished into the night. My memories of these camps and experiences are some of my fondest growing up

Ben is now a leader for the Redback Explorer Scout Unit in Kent, where he masquerades as a responsible adult.

His passion for the outdoors led Ben to spend 15 years in the British Army, where he served in all sorts of different environments and elements! This experience really started his interest in in equipment and clothing. After all, anyone can be cold, wet and miserable.

After he left the Army Ben worked for a company providing security to Aid Agencies in Afghanistan and a job in the City with a global assistance and crisis management company. From here Ben left to start his own business. His long-term interest in the outdoors and in outdoor clothing & equipment has lead him to create TRC Outdoors.